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Department of Health and Medical Research

The United African Kingdoms Of KAMBUF - Department of Health & Medical Research (HMR), also known as the Health Department, is a cabinet-level department of the U.A.K. federal government with the goal of protecting the health of all Africans and providing essential human services. Its motto is "Improving the health, safety, and well-being of The African"

Department of Food and Agriculture

Department of Interior Wildlife

Nation Of KAMBUF Land and Housing Bureau

Department of Textiles and Goods

Department of Trades - Educations and Higher Learning

Department of Athletics and Disciplines

World Archangel Athletic Combat League (WAACL)

Department Of Film-Music and Arts

Department of Technologies and Communications

Department of Transportation and Logistics

Labor and Employment Services of KAMBUF

Department of Trade and Commerce

Department of Natural Resources

Department Of Energy

Department of Engineering Architecture and Construction

Department of Manufacturing and Production

Department of Space and Exploration

Department Of Citizenship and Memberships